After yesterday’s post, Niko House was interviewed by YouTube personality Tim Black and revealed more details* about how Hillary Clinton supporters (Hillbots) infiltrated and sabotaged the Bernie Sanders campaign in several states. He revealed the following facts:

  • Confirmed Hillbot Aisha Dew was hired as the North Carolina state director for the Sanders campaign by Sanders’ deputy national field director, Christopher Smith.
  • Smith also hired Robert Dempsey. Dempsey might not be a Hillbot but he vetoed proposals for Sanders to appear in North Carolina and was previously fired from was fired from the Democratic Party for incompetence.HillbotInfiltrates
  • Confirmed Hillbot S. Prescott Harris II (above) was also hired by Smith as South Carolina regional field director. Harris quit at the perfect time to wreak havoc in a campaign, a few weeks before primary day. According to House, the office Harris set up was left empty for weeks after he resigned.
  • A local staff member was blocked from her own data by the official campaign after they stonewalled her initiatives.

Since House went public with his allegations, he has received disturbing reports from volunteers in states all over the country. He claims that in Michigan, in districts where Sanders’ campaign offices were located, Clinton won, and in districts where grassroots volunteers ignored the official campaign, Sanders won. In Ohio, the grassroots volunteers followed the official campaign’s guidance and Sanders lost the state to Clinton.

Since grassroots volunteers cannot fire Smith, Dempsey, or anyone else for rank incompetence that borders on sabotage, House’s argument is that we have to redouble our canvassing and phonebanking efforts regardless of what the top-down official campaign says or does.

DIY — Do It Yourself — is the order of the day. The political revolution must be a people’s revolution — of the people, for the people, by the people — if we want to win.

*UPDATE: New video about House’s phone call with Smith here.