In a repeat of the 2000 election, Jill Stein failed to win 5% of the popular vote but won enough votes in key states to tip the outcome of the Clinton-Trump electoral college contest in Trump’s favor by splitting the anti-Trump vote between herself and Hillary Clinton.

  • In Wisconsin, Trump beat Clinton by 26,989 votes and Stein received 30,907 votes.
  • In Michigan, Trump beat Clinton by 16,236 votes and Stein received 51,043 votes.

Taking these states’ combined 26 electoral votes away from Trump would have put him below the 270 threshold necessary to become president (as of this writing he stands at 276).

Voters in these states who cast their ballots for the ‘greater good’ and in doing so enabled the greater evil. Bernie Sanders was right to warn against casting a protest vote in 2016.