A Vote for Clinton Is a Vote for Trump


A slew of national and swing state polls (here, here, here, and here) show that Hillary Clinton is presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s best chance to gain the American presidency. With Clinton at the head of the ticket, what should have been a blowout and an electoral landslide for Democrats is instead a tight race. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has not even concluded its criminal investigation into Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server for all of her State Department responsibilities (including putting Top Secret and above born-classified information on an unclassified, unencrypted system).

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders will go to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with enough pledged delegates selected by voters through primaries and caucuses to clinch the nomination outright.

Instead, the nominee will be chosen by so-called superdelegates; they are the swing vote that will decide who the Democratic presidential nominee will be. And they should choose Bernie Sanders even if he has a few hundred fewer pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton.

But wouldn’t that be undemocratic?

Yes. But almost all superdelegates chose to back a candidate before and not after their state’s primary vote or caucus was held. The superdelegate system is undemocratic no matter which way a superdelegate chooses to vote.

In fact, the superdelegate system was deliberately designed that way in case Democratic voters chose another flawed, unelectable presidential candidate like George McGovern.

But Hillary Clinton is no George McGovern. McGovern was not under FBI investigation either as a candidate or the party’s nominee. McGovern’s spouse did not ride on private jets with convicted pedophiles where minors were sexually exploited. McGovern did not make millions of dollars from American and foreign corporations in exchange for political favors. McGovern did not vote for the Iraq war.

For the sake of the country, for the sake of the party, for the sake of averting a Trump presidency, superdelegates must choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. She is a risky bet given Teflon Don‘s unmatched skill as a candidate while Sanders has consistently out-polled Clinton against Trump for the better part of a year. Unlike Clinton, he is completely scandal-free. Unlike Clinton, he is honest and trustworthy. Unlike Clinton, he represents change and if the 2016 presidential campaign has taught us anything, it is that 2016 is change election.

A vote for Clinton is a vote for Trump.



21 responses to “A Vote for Clinton Is a Vote for Trump

  1. I’m glad that Bernie Sanders has been putting pressure on the Democratic Party, as well as Hillary Clinton, to give serious considerations to some of his plans. That is why I voted for Sanders in our Michigan primaries so that a message can be sent that some of his ideas need to be considered and put on the plank at the Democratic convention. Bernie most likely will not get the Democratic nomination but perhaps Hillary will choose wisely and ask him to be her Vice-President.

    However, I strongly disagree with your statement that she is a risky bet against the “Wonderful Donald” Trump and that a vote for Clinton is a vote for Trump.

    Trump is a risky bet for the Republican Party…and most of them know it. That’s why so many Republicans are trying to do everything they can to prevent Trump’s nomination. They know that Trump will implode before the November election because he will continue to make asinine, misogynistic and rude comments that will further alienate people in both parties, except for his educationally-challenged core of supporters. And that implosion will then negatively affect the other Republican candidates in the House and Senate races.

    Clinton has the experience, credentials, intelligence, practicality and commonsense that Trump lacks. I’m not sure I would ever call Trump’s behavior and spoken stupidities as “unmatched skills.” Unless you consider wallowing in a gutter and a pig sty as “unmatched skills”, then that might be applicable. There is really no skill involved in being a hateful ignorant, narcissistic asshole when those traits come so naturally to Trump.

    Bernie does not have some of those important traits that Hillary has as well. Most of his plans, which sound good on paper, are not economically feasible. He also lacks the far greater experience in Washington and with Congress that Clinton has had as a Senator and as Secretary of State.

    Hillary can easily beat Trump but Bernie cannot beat Trump. Hillary is in the middle of the road while Bernie is in the far left lane. Trump is just out to lunch on the planet Uranus. Hillary will be the best one to appeal to a majority of people, which is what it will take to win the election in November.


    • “Hillary can easily beat Trump” — unfortunately, no poll thus far bears that out. And now more Republicans trust Trump to unite the GOP than Paul Ryan. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/poll-republicans-trust-donald-trump-over-paul-ryan-to-lead-gop/

      Underestimating The Donald has proven to be a yooj mistake. People in 2000 did the same thing with that idiot from Texas, Bush Jr. and look how well that worked out.

      As for Clinton’s “experience, credentials, intelligence, practicality and commonsense that Trump lacks,” her use of an illegal private email server for all of her government business pretty much goes against all of those traits you listed.

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      • There have been plenty of polls that have showed that Clinton can beat Trump, especially among women. And since the number of women who vote has been steadily increasing over the past few decades, that is also a huge factor in why Clinton can beat Trump. Thousands of Latino voters are newly registering as Democrats to vote against Trump as well. And Georgie-Porgie Bush won only because the Supreme Court ruled that the Florida re-count be stopped. A Supreme Court that was a politically Republican majority, I might add. Georgie-Porgie had the election gift-wrapped for him, not because he ran a magnificent campaign. If Clinton is found negligent in using a private server, and if that is the only mistake she has made in over 50 years of public service, then compared to Trump, she is a saint. Trump has had more bankruptcies than marriages, he has conned so many people into giving him their hard-earned money (please especially check out his Trump University fiasco and his Trump Network business that proposed to sell personalized regimens of vitamins on the basis of a urine test – something that no credible doctor has ever endorsed.) The “Wonderful Donald” Trump appeals to a small core of voters across the nation and he will discover that he needs to broaden his appeal before November, that is if he can – which I don’t believe he can do.


    • “There have been plenty of polls that have showed that Clinton can beat Trump,”

      Never claimed otherwise. “Can beat” doesn’t mean “will beat.” This ought to be a blowout for Clinton and it isn’t. That doesn’t worry you?

      “Trump is a risky bet for the Republican Party…and most of them know it. That’s why so many Republicans are trying to do everything they can to prevent Trump’s nomination.”

      Really? All the other GOP presidential candidates quit the race, Paul Ryan is now kissing The Donald’s ring, and the third-party effort is all but dead now. The Republicans are now far more united than the Democrats.

      “Hillary can easily beat Trump but Bernie cannot beat Trump.”

      Can you show me a poll that confirms this? Nope.

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      • So you have not seen the many stories on all of the major news sites that have said that both George Bushes, Mitt Romney, John McCain and other influential Republicans have publicly stated that they will not vote or support the “Wonderful Donald” Trump? And have you not read about the many Republican party members who have funded PACs for the sole intention of defeating Trump? Marco Rubio and Kasich and Cruz have suspended their campaigns, yes, but they have not released their delegates yet and until they do, those delegates are still committed to them at least for the first ballot at the convention. And Paul Ryan still has not said that he will support Trump; he has met with him, yes, and said a couple of complimentary things about him, but he has not endorsed Trump. Ryan is the head of the Republican Convention and until or if Trump does become the official Republican candidate, Ryan HAS TO remain noncommittal about any presumptive candidate until a candidate gets the official nod at the convention. If it does turn out to be Trump, or anyone else, then Ryan will publicly support whoever it will be. You are presuming too many things. It ain’t over until a candidate gets the official nod at the convention. And as for the Republicans being more united now than the Democrats, you really have got to be kidding me! Us Democrats are laughing like hell at how dysfunctional the Republicans are at this point! The Republicans could lose seats in both the House and the Senate because of Trump’s antics. A more united Republican Party than the Democrats? Oh puh-leeeze!


      • I was in the middle of replying earlier but the Preakness horse race hoopla was beginning and so I stopped the presses lol.
        Since McCain made that disastrous decision to make that air-head idiot, Sarah Palin, his VP choice, I have lost all respect for that man. So his decision to support Trump doesn’t mean diddly to me personally. However, Romney and the Bushes, all of them, carry a lot of weight in the Republican party and even though you are correct that they are only 4 votes, their opinions still wield a lot of influence among Republican voters.
        But it doesn’t matter: the Republican Party is a dying dinosaur, slowly becoming extinct. Their illogical and dogged clinging to supply side economics, aka trickle-down (or as I like to term it: the piss on everybody but the rich economic theory) has not provided the kind of economic growth, reduction in unemployment levels that they still continue to believe will happen. Supply side economics is a valid policy but only under specific economic circumstances AND it was developed to be used as a temporary measure only, never as a permanent economic policy. Tax cuts just do not create jobs. The only thing that creates jobs is an increase in demand for goods and services. And that increase can only come about when people have larger amounts of discretionary income outside of their basic needs for shelter, food and clothing. Jobs, permanent jobs, are only created from the bottom up, never the top down. And this has been proved throughout Reagan’s Reign of Terror of 8 years, George H.W. Bush’s 4 years and then under Georgie Porgie Bush’s bullshit presidential fiasco. The only time that we had the lowest unemployment rate and a surplus budget was under Clinton’s 8 years. All across the country there were millions of “Help Wanted” signs then. But Repubbies hate low unemployment. That means more labor costs and less money for executive perks and bonuses. And for their failed policies, their inability to connect with the majority of the hard-working but fading middle class people in the United States, the Republican Party is slowly becoming extinct. Good riddance to bad garbage!


      • But regarding “Wonderful Donald” Trump: how typical that the party of rich old white men will quite possibly choose yet another rich old white man as their candidate in November. Trump is a joke. He’s a con-man, and a media whore since the 1970’s. A man who equated his luck in avoiding V.D. and AIDS as his own personal Vietnam. A man who also equated his high school years in a military-styled private school as making him just as much equally trained as any soldier in the Armed Services. His unjustifiably mega-ego and his revenge tactics border on serious mental illness. Trump’s complete ignorance on how the nomination and delegate selection process works is abysmal. What is more appalling is his lack of knowledge about the Constitution and how Congress and the Supreme Court works. I wouldn’t be surprised if he named Kim Kardashian, a fellow media whore, and a literal one at that, as his VP choice. Yet this is the man who will beat Hillary Clinton? This is the man who just recently claimed that Clinton doesn’t have the experience to be President? I have more faith in the intelligence of the voters in the United States than to believe he will ever come close to winning the Presidency.


      • I was under the impression at the beginning of this chat that you were a Bernie Sanders supporter but now I believe you are just a Trump troll. Polls are meaningless at this point. There are traditionally always favorable polls for each party’s candidate immediately following their respective conventions, for example. It is called the convention bump. But like I stated earlier, I firmly believe that the voters will have the intelligence in November to elect the most qualified candidate and it sure as hell won’t be the self-proclaimed “Wonderful Donald” Trump if he does manage to get the Republican Party’s nomination. His many, many faults, from his bordering on mental illness personality, lack of intelligence, his many flip-flops on what few issues he has talked about so far, his many rude, bullying and disrespectful comments about women, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, etc., his continued hiding of his income taxes, and his con-artist scams that defrauded so many people will haunt him to a humiliating failure in November. And I also believe that the “Wonderful Donald” will drag down several other Congressional contests as well and that will make a dramatic change in both the House and the Senate. Why don’t we just agree to disagree about that inept jerk? Besides it is getting tiresome to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.


      • I don’t understand why you keep posting that Donald Trump is wonderful. You’re not going to win me over no matter how much you repeat it.


      • Donald Trump has referred to himself several times in print and in news interviews as “Wonderful Donald” Trump. I am only using his own nickname, with as much respect as he is due – please insert here as much sarcasm as you can handle. I don’t give one rat’s ass about winning you over if you are indeed a supporter of that con artist. Polls, that apparently you like to quote, have shown that the “Wonderful Donald” Trump’s small core of supporters are barely educated, gun-toting, white men. They applaud his rudeness, urge him on for more appallingly ignorant statements and the “Wonderful Donald” happily complies. If you are indeed a Trump supporter, shame on you!! Educate yourself better about that jerk, just educate yourself period. There is no excuse to being ignorant about anything, but most especially about something as important as voting for our next President.


      • Sorry for my delayed response to your comment but life has been a bit hectic. As you probably know at this point, Trump is sliding down those approval ratings…and for good reason. That man has so many serious mental and personality problems and he is completely unfit to be our President. But that’s okay, he will have plenty of time to go to much-needed counseling after he loses in November.


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