Our Revolution (OR) bounced back from a rocky start and survived the Trump wave on November 8 to help elect 57 down-ballot progressives and rack up 23 progressive victories in ballot initiatives all over the country. OR endorsed a total of 106 general election candidates and worked for/against 31 ballot initiatives, achieving a success rate of 53% and 74%, respectively, in OR’s first general election. Additionally, OR backed 9 candidates in primaries and 7 of them won. (The full list of OR’s 2016 wins and losses can be found at the bottom of this post.)

What these wins prove is that – like Occupy Wall Street – Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign was not a flash in the pan but the beginning of something serious, the opening salvo of an ongoing political revolution. The social contradictions that spurred a generation to take direct action in the streets (Occupy) and at the ballot box (Sanders) remain as alive as ever.

The Sanders campaign accomplished something attempted by no major party presidential campaign in American history: it succeeded in keeping a significant number of supporters mobilized and engaged in political struggle after the campaign ended. Out of 2.5 million Sanders small donors, more than 500,000 contributed to OR-endorsed down-ballot candidates.

President-elect Donald Trump’s upset has politically decapitated the Democratic Party establishment by ending Hillary Clinton’s political career. The broader Trump wave crippled the Democratic Party as a whole which now controls little in the American political system above the municipal level. This existential weakness means that the Democratic Party is more susceptible than ever to a hostile takeover by progressive forces, although such a takeover will neither be easy nor quick (in fact just the opposite).


If Sanders runs for president in the Democratic Party primary again in 2020 (as he should), his path to the nomination will not be blocked by a political dynasty (none are left), a deep bench of powerful establishment candidates, or over 700 superdelegates whose numbers the Sanders campaign fought successfully to greatly reduce.

Until then, we must focus on winning the next set of battles in the political revolution: defending against the attacks of a Trump administration, the 2018 midterm elections, and non-electoral struggles like the Dakota Access Pipeline and Black Lives Matter.

Election days come and go, but the struggle continues.

Ballot Initiatives

State Position and Measure W/L
AL No on Amendment 8 Constitutionalize Right-To-Work Laws L
AK Yes on Measure 1 Voter Registration Amendment W
AR Yes on Issue 7 Medical Cannabis Statute W
CA Yes on Proposition 58 Non-English Languages Allowed in Public Education Act W
CA Yes on Proposition 59 Overturn of Citizens United Act W
CA Yes on Proposition 61 Drug Price Standards L
CA Yes on Proposition 62 Repeal of the Death Penalty Initiative L
CA Yes on Proposition 64 Adult Use of Marijuana Act W
CA No on Proposition 66 Death Penalty Procedures Initiative W
CA Yes on Proposition 67 Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum W
CO Yes on Amendment 69 ColoradoCare L
FL No on Amendment 1: Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice W
FL Yes on Amendment 2 Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative W
LA No on Amendment 2 Authorize College Boards to Establish Tuition and Fees W
ME Yes on Question 1 Maine Marijuana Legalization Measure W
ME Yes on Question 2 Stand Up for Students W
ME Yes on Question 4 Maine Minimum Wage Increase W
ME Yes on Question 5 Ranked Choice Voting W
MA No on Measure 2 Charter School Expansion W
MD Yes on A Howard County Citizens’ Election Fund W
MO No on Amendment 6 Voter ID Requirement L
MT Yes on Initiative 182 Medical Marijuana Initiative L
NB Retain on Legislative Bill 268 Eliminate Death Penalty L
NV Yes on Question 2: Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative W
OK No on Question 776 Amendment to Protect Death Penalty L
OR Yes on Measure 97 Oregon Business Tax Increase Initiative L
OR Yes on Measure 98 Dropout Prevention and College Readiness Programs W
SD No on Referred Law 20 Create a Sub-Minimum Wage W
SD Yes on Initiated Measure 22 Anti-Corruption Act W
SD Yes on Amendment T Redistricting Commission L
VA No on Right to Work Amendment Add Anti-Union Statute to Constitution W
WA Yes on Initiative 1433 Washington Minimum Wage Increase W
WA Yes on Initiative 735 Restoring the Voice of We the People W


State Candidate,  Office Primary General
AZ Adrian Fontes, Maricopa County Recorder  W*
AZ Juan Mendez, State Senate District 26 W
AZ Martin Quezada, State Senate District 29 W W
AZ Raul Grijalva, U.S. House District 3 W
AZ Wenona Benally, State House District 7 W
AZ Aaron Baumann, State House District 2 L
AK Greg Jones, State House District 8 L
AK Patricia Faye-Brazel, State House District 10 L
AR Irvin Camacho, State House District 89 L
AR Victoria Leigh, State House District 38 L
CA Ben Choi, At-Large Richmond City Council  W
CA Melvin Willis, At-Large Richmond City Council  W
CA Eloise Reyes, State Assembly District 47 W
CA Jane Kim, State Senate District 11 L
CA Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley Mayor  W
CA Dean Preston, San Francisco 5 Board of Supervisors  L
CA Michael Tubbs, Stockton Mayor  W
CA Nanette Barragan, U.S. House District 44 W
CO Joseph Salazar, State House District 31 W
CO Morgan Carroll, State House District 6 L
CT Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, State House District 106 L
CT Josh Elliott, State House District 88 W
CT Kenneth Gucker, State Senate District 24  L
CT Mary Jane Lundgren, State House District 67 L
CT Robyn Porter, State House 94 W
FL Dwight Bullard, State Senate District 40 W L
FL Tim Canova, U.S. House District 23 L
GA Vincent Fort, State Senate District 39 W
HI Kaniela Ing, State House District 11 W
HI Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. House District 2 W
ID Miranda Gold, State Senate District 14 L
IL Carol Ammons, State House Representative 103 W
IN Lorenzo Arredondo, State Attorney General  L
IA Chris Schwartz, Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors  W
IA Gary Kroeger, State House District 60 L
IA Teresa Meyer, State House District 63 L
IA Tim Kacena, State House District 14 W
KS Anabel Larumbe, State Senate District 30 L
KS Gabriel Costilla, State Senate District 16 L
KY Nathan Morguelan, Bowling Green City Commisioner  L
ME Troy Jackson, State Senate District 1 W*
MD Jamie Raskin, State House District 8 W
MA James Eldridge, State Senate for Middlesex and Worcester  W
MA Mary Keefe, State House District 15 W
MA Mike Connolly, State House District 26 W W
MA Pat Jehlen, State Senate District 2 W W
MI Ismael “Ish” Ahmed, State Board of Education  L
MI Paul Clements, U.S. House District 6 L
MN Erin Maye Quade, State House District 57A  W
MN Ilhan Omar, State House District 60B W
MN Keith Ellison, U.S. House District 5 W
MN Rick Nolan, U.S. House District 8 W
MN Zach Dorholt, State House District 14B L
MS Brianna Lennon, Boone County Commisioner  L
MT Kari Boiter, State House District 44 L
NE Brian Whitecalf, Board of Supervisors District 6 L
NE Dan Quick, State Senate District 35 W
NE Justin Wayne, State Senate District 13 L*
NE Larry Scherer, State Senate District 21 L
NE Vernon Miller, School Board  ?
NV Brittney Miller, State Assembly District 5 W
NV Devon Reese, State Senate District 15 L
NV Nicole Cannizzaro, State Senate District 6 W
NV Owen Carver, State Assembly District 2 L
NH Andru Volinsky, State Executive Council District 2 W*
NH Mark King, State House District 33 W
NH Mark Mackenzie, State House District 17 W
NH Robert Cushing, State House District 21 W
NJ Peter Jacob, U.S. House District 7 L
NM Elizabeth Thomson, State House District 24 W
NM Rudy Martinez, State House District 39 W
NY Anthony Eramo, State Assembly District 20 W L
NY Sara Niccoli, State Senate District 46 L
NY Zephyr Teachout, U.S. House District 19 L
NC Deborah Ross, U.S. Senate L
ND Chase Iron Eyes, U.S. House At-Large Representative L
OH Marcy Kaptur, U.S. House District 9 W
OK Robert Founds, State Senate District 25 L
OR Brad Avakian, Secretary of State  L
PA Chris Rabb, State House District 200 W
PR Carmen Yulin Cruz, San Juan Mayor W
PR Luis Vega Ramos, PR House At-Large Representative W
PR Manuel Nata, PR House At-Large Representative  W
RI Jeanine Calkin, State Senate District 30 W W
RI Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, State House District 5 W W
SC Justin Bamberg, State Senate 90 W
SC Terry Alexander, State Senate District 59 W
SD Clara Hart, State Senate District 6 L
TX Jared Cates, Nacogdoches County County Commissioner Precinct 3 L
TX Julie Nitsch, Austin Community College Board of Trustees Place 9  W
UT Misty Snow, U.S. Senate L
VT David Zuckerman, Lieutenant Governor  W
VT Mari Cordes, State House District 4 L
VT Tim Ashe, State Senate Chittenden  W*
VA Kai Degner, U.S. House District 6 L
WA Jason Ritchie, State House District 5 W*
WA Noel Frame, State House District 36 W
WA Pramila Jayapal, U.S. House District 7 W
WV Sabrina Shrader, State House District 27 L
WI Adam Dahl, State House District 47 L
WI David Bowen, State House District 10 W
WI Jonathan Brostoff, State House District 19 W
WI Russ Feingold, U.S. Senate L
WI Sarah Lloyd, U.S. House District 6 L
WI Thomas Nelson, U.S House District 8 L
WY Charles Pelkey, State House District 45 W

*Election results not yet final.