From the moment Bernie Sanders dared to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s coronation as presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, establishment liberals and so-called radicals have spoken with one voice to shit on him for daring to upset their respective gravytrains and applecarts. While the liberals like disgraced dick Anthony Weiner are worried that a Sanders victory will crash and burn the Clinton gravytrain that pays their bills, the radicals are worried that a Sanders victory will end the defeatist circlejerk they depend on for magazine subscriptions and book sales. As the threat of a Sanders victory grows, they are increasingly putting aside their differences to focus on attacking him as their main enemy.

First, establishment liberals and radicals said Sanders was a fringe candidate with no hope of winning. Liberals said rolling back the domination of American politics by the billionaire class was a loony idea fit for the radical fringe and the radical fringe likewise said that the idea of Sanders beating Clinton for was a loony idea fit only for ‘Berniebots’ and sheeple.

That lie crashed and burned pretty quick once Sanders raised $15 million in the first quarter after his announcement, held the biggest rallies of all the candidates (Trump included), and made history by holding over 3,000 local campaign meetings attended by 100,000 people almost six months before any voting takes place anywhere in the country. (For all you Jill Stein fans out there [all 0.37% of you], Sanders raised 15 times what she managed to raise throughout her entire 2012 campaign in the space of three months without even trying.)

Now, establishment liberals like Joan Walsh have switched to a new lie to undermine Sanders’ candidacy — “zomg! Bernie has a big huge unfixable race problem — and this lie is being echoed by white radical Bernie-haters in publications like Counterpunch.

So together, white liberals and white radicals have together decided for Black people that Black people don’t like Bernie very much and vice-versa and are shamelessly pimping out #BlackLivesMatter to make political reality to fit their warped fantasy.

Paul Street — who is as white as they come — just had an article posted on Counterpunch entitled, Bernie Sanders’ Top Five Race Problems: the Whiteness of Nominal Socialism. In it, Street crucifies Sanders for collaborating in the capitalist conspiracy of silence surrounding the glorious achievements of Cuban socialism. If only the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire knew the joy of queuing up for items like toilet paper and rationing their meat consumption, Wall Street’s misrule would have ended yesterday! How dare Sanders talk up the positive achievements of Scandinavian social democracy in countries whose per capita GDP is pretty close to America’s instead of praising the oil-based economic basket case that is Venezuela! The only possible reason Sanders would do any of this is because he is scared of people of color and their historic achievements! Only fake socialist closet racists like Sanders fail to praise jucheNorth Korea’s ‘socialist’ doctrine of racial superiority!

Back in the real world, the liberal establishment has tried might and main to make hay out of a handful of Black activists disrupting the Netroots Nation event where Sanders and his rival, Martin O’Malley, spoke. Dozens, maybe hundreds of articles have been written about this storm in a teacup and to the chagrin of attack dog liberals and the ‘radicals’ who echo their talking points, none of it has seemed to effect Black voters who have actually heard of Sanders and his message.

Does saying any of the above mean denying the obvious fact that Sanders supporters are, at this early stage of the campaign, overwhelmingly and disproportionately white?

No it does not.

Does it mean Sanders shouldn’t reach out to and expand his support among Black voters?

No it does not.

Does it mean Sanders has all the support in the Black community he needs to defeat the Clinton machine, especially in early primary states like South Carolina?

No it does not.

What it does mean is that Bernie Sanders has no big, huge (yoooj), un-fixable, intractable “race problem.” It also means that anyone who insists otherwise — whether they are aware of it or not — is parroting the line of establishment liberals who would love nothing more than to see the majority of the Black vote go to the wife of a guy named Clinton who interrupted his 1992 campaign to go home and sign the execution order for a severely brain damaged Black man, Rickey Ray Rector, because it was the politically expedient thing to do.

Rector saved the dessert from his last meal “for later.”

Embellishing the establishment liberal song on Sanders’ alleged “race problem” with a few leftist notes doesn’t make you a radical, it makes you a sucker.