Our Revolution Resignations Smack of Sabotage


Our Revolution — the successor organization to Bernie Sanders’ historic 2016 campaign for the president — will launch on August 24 as over 2,300 house parties across the country tune into a livestreamed address by Sanders on the path forward for the political revolution he inspired. But the launch has been complicated by the resignation of staffers who objected to the appointment of long-time Sanders loyalist Jeff Weaver as president of Our Revolution. Continue reading

Why H.A. Goodman Whitewashes Threat of a Trump Presidency

By Clay Claiborne. First published by Linux Beach.

The largely white Greens just don’t get the race question in this election which really turns of the question of the role of white supremacy in our federal government. Many Greens are arguing that now with Trump so far down in the polls, it’s okay to vote your conscience (i.e. vote for someone with absolutely no chance of winning) because Clinton will win anyway. In this Huffington Post piece, H. A. Goodman takes it a step further, saying it’s okay to cast a symbolic vote for what many feel is the “greater good” even if it puts Trump in the White House because Congress will block the worst of his policies. Continue reading

Rise of the Berniecrats

By . First published by the Observer.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ defeat in New York’s April 19 primary in many ways tolled doom for his quest to capture the Democratic nomination for president. Despite a string of recent wins in the Midwest, it became clear then he couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton in the big, diverse states that form the party’s bedrock—and that he couldn’t recover from the delegate deficit he ran up losing virtually all of the South.

Still, that hasn’t stopped candidates across the Empire State from running under the Bernie banner, promising to bring his vision to fruition in Albany or Washington. This, if you will, is the vanguard of the “political revolution” in New York.

State Senator James Sanders.

 State Senator James Sanders.

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When Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka Trashed Sanders and His Supporters

The Green Party put on a love-fest for Bernie Sanders and his supporters at its convention where Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka were chosen to be the party’s candidates for president and vice-president, respectively. Stein and Baraka claim their that their campaign is a  logical successor to the progressive political revolution Sanders ignited.

Stein and Baraka may claim to “feel the Bern” now but before they jumped onto the Bernie bandwagon, they tried to stop it in its tracks.


Because bribery is the only possible explanation for why Sanders supported a Democrat over a Republican in every presidential election since 1984, right?

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The Real Problem with Jill Stein and the Green Party


By Scott Jay. First published by Libcom.

As we approach November, the attacks on Jill Stein will only increase from Hillary Clinton’s most enthusiastic supporters. These people are horrified by the possibility – however unlikely – that Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States, but they do not seem to be so horrified at the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming President. They will largely be aware of Clinton’s support for the war in Iraq, her role as an architect of various brutal interventions as the Secretary of State in the Obama administration, her support for her husband’s policies of expanding mass incarceration, and her support for mass deportations. Yes, they will be aware of all of these. But they can put it all aside.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is so bad because he rubs it in your face. That is abominable. Supporting Clinton, on the other hand, gives liberals a nice warm feeling. Sure, she has problems, they will say, but don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Then, in the next breath, they will declare that Jill Stein is the worst person who has ever walked this planet, because her very existence challenges the narrative of nice, warm-feeling liberalism in support of Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Radicals in the Democratic Party from Upton Sinclair to Bernie Sanders

By James N. Gregory. First published by The Conversation.

As we watch Bernie Sanders’ supporters struggling to come to terms with the nomination of Hillary Clinton, it makes sense to ask why leftists are involved in the Democratic Party in the first place.

It started in 1934 when Upton Sinclair, author of “The Jungle” and a socialist for most of his life, announced that he would run for governor of California as a Democrat. This began a unique relationship that has been important to American politics ever since.

Why unique?

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How Russia’s Agent Snowden Pays the Bills


After exposing Donald Trump military advisor Gen. Michael Flynn’s payments from the Kremlin, investigative journalist Michael Isikoff has published a lengthy piece exploring the question of how Edward Snowden makes money while hiding out in Moscow from U.S. authorities. By defecting to Moscow, Snowden gave up his $200,000-a-year job as a contractor at the National Security Agency doing low-level IT support and quickly used up his savings which makes sense since in 2013-2014 Moscow was one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in: Continue reading