#GE2017: Labour Did Not Win, the Tories Lost

Jeremy Corbyn fans are celebrating the third general election in a row that the Labour Party has lost as a ‘yooj’ victory. As the editor of Jacobin Bhaskar Sunkara put it, “I don’t care if he didn’t actually win — he won.” June was supposed to be the end of May and yet she persisted.

Bernie Sanders is fond of saying about the 2016 American presidential election that Republican Donald Trump did not win, the Democratic Party lost. The same logic applies here: Labour did not win, the Tories lost.

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#Brexit Vote: A Victory for Trumpism

Britain’s referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Union or leave ended in a British exit (Brexit) by a slim margin, 51% to 48.1%, a difference of roughly 1.3 million votes out of some 33.5 million votes cast.

The result was a major blow to the country’s political establishments — Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron campaigned hard for Remain and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for Remain as well albeit half-assedly.

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